“Most of us are living here because like the idea of being able to walk out our front doors and smile at what we see. On my own front porch I have a palm tree growing in a blue toilet bowl. On occasion I like to wander outside, stark naked, and fire my .44 magnum at various gongs I’ve mounted on the nearby hillside. I like to load up on mescaline and turn my amplifier up to 110 decibels for a taste of “White Rabbit” while the sun comes up on the snow peaks of the Continental Divide.” – Hunter S. Thompson, on home ownership

Pull List:

Dead Teenagers- Victory Makeout

Black Kids- Look At Me (When I Rock Wichoo)

Blind Melon- No Rain (Ripped Away Version)

Black Bananas- Acid Song

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Soul To Squeeze

Dinosaur Jr.- I Ran Away

Japanese Breakfast- Be Sweet

Iceage- Gold City

Crumb- BNR

Beck- Steve Threw Up

HTRK- Love Is A Distraction

David Johansen- Frenchette

St. Vincent- The Melting Of The Sun

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