BDR 61

Waiting Room- Fugazi

I Feel Safe On The Autobahn- New Vogue

Something About Us- Daft Punk

Passing By- Zero 7

The Fly- U2

Soak The Sin- Blind Melon

Sweet Talker – Big Blood

My Little Red Book- Love

Help The Aged- Pulp

Big Exit- PJ Harvey

Elephant Man- SURPRISE

Free- Sault

Let Me In- R.E.M.

Psycho Holiday- Pantera

Sparky- Nuha Ruby Ra

Leave You- Elastic Sleep

Gimme The Car- Violent Femmes


Rock, Rot, or Rule- Scharpling & Wurster

Daft Punk Medley:

The Fall- TRON OST

The Fall (M83 vs. Big Black Delta Remix) – TRON Deconstructed

Music Sounds Better With You- Stardust

Da Funk/Daftendirekt- Alive 2007

Digital Love- Discovery

Touch – RAM

Contact- RAM

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