2 HOUR 50TH EPISODE ANNIVERSARY EPISODE! Help spend some time staying at home.

This was supposed to be a bigger party event than we have, but it’s insane just how much the world has changed since the last episode.

Tonight’s super extended pull list:

The Mama and the Papas- Twelve Thirty (Girls Walking In the Canyon)

Lou Reed- Sweet Jane (live)

Ty Segall- Gotta Get Up

Pearl Jam- Quick Escape

Beastie Boys- Shake Ya Rump

Hinds- Riding Solo

Rodriguez- Sugarman

Blackalicious- Cliff Hanger

Nirvana- Ain’t It A Shame

Guided By Voices- Stone Cold Moron

Sonic Youth- I Wanna Be Yr Dog (live)

The Exbats- O Satan

Jeff Rosenstock and Laura Stevenson- Ambulance Blues

Blur- My Terracotta Heart

Caribou- Jamelia

Frankie Rose- A Forest

Sonic Youth- Incinerate

Tedo Stone- By Your Side

The Doors- Maggie M’gill

Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young – Almost Cut My Hair

Regina Spektor- Samson (live)

Bob Dylan- Shooting Star

Counting Crows- Up All Night

Lou Reed- Coney Island Baby (live)

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